“Grocery Store” in Istanbul Raided for Illegal Money Transfer – Breaking News

Police Raid in Istanbul Uncovers Havala Operation and Migrant Smuggling

A recent police operation in Istanbul has uncovered an illegal money transfer operation and migrant smuggling ring operating out of a general store. Police caught the suspects red-handed during the raid, detaining the workplace official MT, workplace employee AAT, and vehicle driver SB.

During the operation, a suspect attempted to flee but was caught a short time later. The suspect, identified as OM, was working as a “Havala courier” at the store and was found to be in possession of a large amount of money. In addition to the arrests, four sleeping bags, a passport, over 99,000 Turkish liras, 1.5 euros, 72 dollars, and jewelry, were seized during the search at the store.

The police also discovered note papers containing passwords used for money transfers and agendas and booklets related to migrant smuggling organizations. Seven illegal immigrants were caught in the operation and have been handed over for deportation procedures.

The suspects were taken to the police station for questioning, and all four were subsequently arrested by the court after their proceedings.

This successful operation highlights the efforts of the Istanbul police to crack down on illegal financial activities and human trafficking in the city.


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