“Groundbreaking Discovery: Moon Soil Produces Oxygen for Life”

NASA’s CaRD reactor has successfully extracted oxygen on the surface of the Moon, a significant breakthrough in improving architecture for building sustainable human bases on other planets. This was confirmed by NASA engineer Anastasia Ford, who added that this achievement brings us one step closer to establishing a permanent human presence on the Moon, an aim of NASA’s Artemis mission. The mission is set to enable the first astronauts to return to the lunar surface in 2025. The success of the experiment means that oxygen harvesting technology has now reached readiness level 6, paving the way for testing in space. This is a huge milestone towards achieving long-term space exploration and colonization. NASA scientists are working tirelessly to develop advanced technology that supports humans in living and working in the harsh environments of space. The successful experiment with the CaRD reactor represents a major step forward in making this a reality.


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