Güzelyurt Freedom Primary School Wins TRNC Primary Schools Football Championship

Güzelyurt Freedom Primary School Wins Football Championship Among Primary Schools

Güzelyurt Freedom Primary School has emerged as the champion in the football championship among primary schools in the 2022-2023 academic year Champion Melekler School Sports activities organized by the Ministry of National Education.

In the final match, Ögürlük Primary School faced Şehit Ertuğrul Primary School and defeated its opponent 3-0, achieving the success of becoming the TRNC champion.

The students of Güzelyurt Freedom Primary School experienced great joy at the end of the match and were greeted with enthusiasm in their schools. A championship celebration was held at the school to commemorate the achievement.

The young champions expressed their hard work and excitement upon becoming champions, stating that they’re proud of their achievements.

Fadıl Özaşık, the Physical Education Teacher of Güzelyurt Freedom Primary School, commended the students for their excellent performance and hard work, stating that they prepared for a year, played many matches, and motivated the children well.

Güzelyurt Freedom Primary School Deputy Principal Seyit Sayal also congratulated the students and emphasized that the school fully supports sports activities alongside the parent-teacher association.

The championship victory marks a great achievement for Güzelyurt Freedom Primary School, and it is hoped that it motivates and inspires other schools to participate in sports activities and promote healthy competition.


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