HAKSEN’s Message for Disabled Week: May 10-16

The Equal Rights and Justice Union (HAKSEN) has called for concrete steps to be taken to solve the problems faced by disabled individuals. In a message published on the occasion of the 10-16 May Disabled Week, HAKSEN Secretary General Murat Göçer expressed disappointment that solutions to these problems have not been implemented despite being talked about for years.

Göçer highlighted the fact that, even though it is a law that 1 out of every 25 employees should be disabled, this law has not been enforced for years. This lack of implementation has resulted in disabled individuals being unable to participate actively in social life due to infrastructure, health, and education deficiencies.

Göçer further expressed sadness that disabled individuals and their families are often remembered with non-solution-oriented activities, such as daily activities and social media posts, only on certain days of the year. HAKSEN is calling for concrete steps to be taken to address these problems, and Göçer affirmed that HAKSEN will continue to fight for the equal rights of all segments of society, not only public employees.

It is essential for all members of society to work together to create a more inclusive, equal, and just world for disabled individuals. Concrete steps need to be taken to address the issues faced by disabled individuals and enable them to participate fully in all aspects of life. HAKSEN’s call for action should be heeded and acted upon to create a better future for all members of society.


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