Hasipoğlu’s Retort to CTP’s Critique in Parliamentary Platform – BRTK

UBP Secretary General Oğuzhan Hasipoğlu has criticized the Main Opposition for making comments off-topic during the discussion of the Public Procurement (Amendment) Law at the General Assembly of the Parliament.

In response to criticisms from CTP Chairman Tufan Erhürman, Hasipoğlu emphasized that the government’s actions were in response to the unilateral and negative attitude of the Greek Cypriot side. He denounced the unjust arrests in Southern Cyprus, stating that they were aimed at disrupting the economy by targeting the construction sector.

Referring to similar actions taken by the Greek Cypriot side in the past, Hasipoğlu highlighted the importance of finding a political solution to the Cyprus Issue. He also questioned the legality of the arrests made by the Greek Cypriot authorities, pointing out that they were in violation of international law.

Hasipoğlu further emphasized the TRNC’s compliance with European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decisions and criticized the double standards of the Greek Cypriot side in property disputes. He called attention to the need for fair and lawful treatment of Turkish Cypriots in the south.

Regarding financial matters, Hasipoğlu mentioned the transfer of income to the Treasury of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TMK) by the Üstel Government and stressed the government’s commitment to addressing these issues through continued initiatives and advocacy on relevant platforms.



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