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Hatay lawyers to work from prefabricated offices

After the devastating earthquakes on February 6 that affected 11 provinces in Turkey, 57 lawyers lost their lives and many law offices were either destroyed or severely damaged. To support the lawyers who cannot carry out their professional activities due to these earthquakes, the Hatay Bar Association has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministries of Interior and Environment, Urbanism, and Climate Change.

The project presented by the relevant ministries consisting of 105 prefabricated offices, each consisting of 26 square meters, has been built in the Saraykent District of Antakya. The infrastructure works in the project, which also includes restaurants, cafes, and sinks, are completed, and the prefabs are planned to be handed over to lawyers within a week after landscaping.

Hatay Bar Association Vice President Hatay Tut said that among the 600 lawyers active in the city during the earthquake, there were also those who lost their lives. Each room is 26 square meters, and they are considering placing three lawyers in each room. “The final touches are being made on the project, the infrastructure is finished, and the landscaping is currently being done. It will be delivered in a week,” said Tut.

With the prefabricated offices, Tut said, “There will be a great opportunity for lawyers to earn income, hold on to life, and do their jobs properly. Therefore, it is of vital importance to us.” He thanked the Union of Turkish Bar Associations, Istanbul Bar Association, Marmara University Law Faculty Graduates, and Yol Açık Yola Çık associations, who will also provide support for stationery, air conditioners, printers, chairs, and tables.

Osman Kaymak, who works as the coordinating governor in Hatay, also expressed his happiness to deliver the prefabs, stating that they will meet with their clients at the lawyers’ desks who will reach their offices.


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