Health Minister Dinçyürek Issues Heat Warning

Minister of Health Warns Public to Protect Themselves from Extreme Heat

Minister of Health Dr. Hakan Dinçyürek has issued a warning to the public, urging them to take precautions to protect themselves from the extreme heat. With air temperatures soaring above normal values in recent days, Minister Dinçyürek emphasized the importance of staying indoors during the hottest hours of the day, between 11.00 and 16.00.

In his statement, Minister Dinçyürek advised individuals to wear a hat, use sun oil, and wear sunglasses that provide protection against harmful UV rays if they need to go outside. He also stressed the importance of staying hydrated by consuming water and fluids regularly, and recommended opting for light-colored, lightweight clothing.

Furthermore, Minister Dinçyürek cautioned individuals with chronic illnesses such as heart, respiratory, and kidney diseases, as well as the elderly and babies, to avoid engaging in heavy physical activities during periods of extreme heat. By following these guidelines, individuals can safeguard their health and well-being during the hot summer months.



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