Honduran Minor Passes Away in US Detention Center

Tragedy Strikes as Homeless Honduran Immigrant Youth Dies

The White House has confirmed that a 17-year-old homeless Honduran immigrant youth has died. Speaking at a daily press conference, White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre expressed deep sadness at the news and conveyed condolences to the young man’s family. A forensic investigation into the death was launched on May 10 by US authorities, with Jean-Pierre stating that no further comment would be made until the investigation was concluded.

The US Health and Human Services Administration (HHS) has reported that it is in contact with the family of the young man who died. The child health department of the Refugee Resettlement Office (ORR) within the HHS is examining the clinical details of the case, but due to confidentiality and security, detailed information has not been shared.

The Honduran Foreign Minister, Enrique Reina, has identified the young man who died as Angel Eduardo Maradiaga Espinoza and said that his embassy in Washington is in contact with his family. Reina has called for a comprehensive investigation into the death from US authorities, emphasizing the importance of cooperation on immigrants.

HHS, which is responsible for unaccompanied migrant children, places them in migrant centers across the United States. There are approximately 8,600 homeless immigrant children in the country. The death of the young Honduran immigrant is a tragedy that emphasizes the urgency of finding safe and secure solutions for the millions of immigrants around the world who are seeking a better life.


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