“House Speaker meets Hungary’s top foreign investor on trip”

Hungarian Speaker of Parliament László Kövér Visits Seoul

László Kövér, the Speaker of Parliament for Hungary, arrived in Seoul for an official visit on Monday. During his visit, Kövér held talks with Chang-Yang Lee, the trade, industry and energy minister, and emphasized South Korea as Hungary’s key strategic partner in the region for trade and investments. In 2019 and 2021, South Korea was the largest foreign investor in Hungary, with more than $6.8 billion in investments in 2020. Furthermore, 130 Korean companies employed over 15,000 people in Hungary.

In addition to current economic partnerships, Hungary is looking to expand cooperation with South Korea in the areas of space research and nuclear energy. Kövér noted that in 2024, a meeting of the Hungary-Korea mixed economic committee will take place in Budapest.

Aside from discussing economic matters, Kövér also met with the heads of the Korean-Hungarian friendship section of the Korean National Assembly and the Korean Hungarian Friendship Society. He also visited the Liszt Institute in Seoul to learn more about bilateral cultural relations.

On Tuesday, Kövér will hold official talks with Kim Jin-pyo, the President of the Korean National Assembly. The visit to Seoul emphasizes Hungary’s commitment to further develop and strengthen its relationship with South Korea.


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