Hungarian Army Joins Response to Devastating Flood Wave: Exclusive Video and Photo Gallery

Hungary has recently been hit by a flood wave near the western border in the town of Körmend, where the river Rába has exceeded its highest water level ever recorded. The sudden rainfall, combined with an influx of water from Austria, has forced the Water Management Directorate to order protection measures along the Rába in Körmend.

According to reports from VAOL, experts had anticipated the flooding to surpass previous records, prompting the regional protection committee and emergency services to quickly mobilize. A large-scale recruitment effort was launched to raise the height of the protection barrier by 3000 meters, with over 360 people working on Sunday and more than 450 on Monday.

The collaborative effort involved professional municipal and volunteer firefighters from Vas county and surrounding areas, members of the Hungarian Defence Forces, the prison service, law enforcement agencies, forestry personnel, government employees, and civil volunteers from Körmend. Together, they successfully raised a three-kilometer dam in just 24 hours.

Despite the river’s maximum water level not reaching the predicted heights, the alert remains in place to ensure continued safety. The efforts of all those involved in the operation have been praised for their dedication and efficiency.

For a visual representation of the flood wave in Hungary, a photo gallery has been included to showcase the impact of the rising waters on the region. The collaboration between various organizations and volunteers serves as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and swift action in the face of natural disasters.


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