Hungarian cop safeguards tens of thousands in Toronto’s community!

Hungarian cop in Toronto keeps 40-50k locals safe

Balázs Zanati, born in Keszthely, is now serving as a neighbourhood officer in Toronto, where he is responsible for the safety and security of at least 40-50 thousand locals. Despite not having a red uniform or a hat, and never sitting on the back of a horse, Zanati plays a crucial role in building relationships with the community as a member of the Canada Toronto Police Service.

In an interview with Glance, Zanati mentioned the importance of creating trust relationships with the people in the neighbourhood. By regularly interacting with residents at shops, markets, and restaurants, Zanati aims to establish a sense of security and comfort among the locals. He even provides his official number to anyone who needs it, making people feel like they have their own officer at hand.

While Toronto faces different challenges compared to Hungary, such as drug consumption and trade, armed groups, and car thefts, Zanati remains dedicated to his role in maintaining law and order in the city. Equipped with bulletproof vests and GPS body cameras, Zanati and his colleagues are able to monitor and respond to incidents effectively.

Before his time in Toronto, Zanati served as a military officer in Hungary before seeking new adventures abroad. After the global financial crisis in 2008, he found himself working in a car dealership that eventually closed down. It was then that his friends from the gym recommended him to join the local police force, where he excelled in the application process due to his communication skills, problem-solving abilities, life experience, and knowledge of the Hungarian language.

Zanati’s dedication to serving the community and ensuring the safety of thousands of locals in Toronto is truly commendable. As a Hungarian cop making a difference in a foreign land, Zanati’s story serves as an inspiration to many.



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