Hungarian Foreign Minister: Distinction Between Law-Abiding Guest Workers and Illegal Migrants

Illegal migrants should not be mixed up with people who go to another country under organized circumstances to work, stated the Hungarian foreign minister during his visit to Manila. Péter Szijjártó emphasized that illegal border crossing is not a human right but a crime.

During his meeting with Filipino counterpart Enrique Manalo, Szijjártó highlighted the importance of each country’s right to decide whom to grant entry. He also expressed Hungary’s appreciation for the over 10,000 Filipinos working in the country.

As Hungary and the Philippines celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, Szijjártó emphasized their shared interests in promoting peace and balanced economic development. He stressed the need for conflicts to be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy rather than through constant judgement and criticism.

Szijjártó also shared his concerns about the current situation in Europe, citing ongoing wars and attempts to hinder East-West cooperation. As Hungary prepares to assume the EU presidency, he emphasized the importance of peace on the continent.

The foreign minister praised the cooperation between Hungary and the Philippines, citing the successful increase in bilateral trade and joint projects in agriculture and water management. He also mentioned upcoming plans for nuclear cooperation between the two countries.

In a Facebook post, Szijjártó highlighted the importance of promoting successful East-West relations and the positive impact of collaboration between Hungary and the Philippines. As Hungary prepares to take on the EU presidency, he remains optimistic about improving the situation in Europe through peaceful diplomacy and dialogue.



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