Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Arrives in Washington Amid Accusations of Being Putin’s Useful Idiot

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has arrived in Washington, DC. to participate in a three-day NATO summit, as confirmed by the PM’s press chief on Tuesday. The prime minister’s plane landed at Andrews Air Force Base along with other NATO leaders, where Orbán is scheduled to engage in bilateral talks with leaders of NATO member states.

Following Orbán’s diplomatic efforts in Moscow and Russia’s recent missile attack on Ukrainian hospitals treating children with cancer, Jan Lipavský, Czechia’s foreign minister, criticized Orbán in a tweet, referring to him as a “useful idiot” of President Putin. Lipavský emphasized the importance of a long-term strategy to contain Russia at the Washington NATO summit.

Furthermore, Austrian liberal MEP Helmut Brandstätter labeled Orbán as a “clown” in a tweet, highlighting the severity of Putin’s actions in Ukraine and urging Orbán to prioritize the situation.

Orbán’s recent diplomatic endeavors have been remarkably active, with visits to Kyiv, Moscow, Beijing, and now Washington within a short span of time. Despite differing opinions on various issues, world leaders have shown interest in Orbán’s perspectives, leading to last-minute meetings.

During his visit to Washington, Orbán is expected to hold discussions with President Joe Biden and former President Trump. Nevertheless, political director Zoltán Kiszelly predicts that Orbán may face challenges in garnering support for his peace mission, as reported by a Hungarian tabloid.

In response to the escalating Ukraine-Russia conflict, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire and peace talks as the only viable solution. Szijjártó expressed concerns about the intensifying warfare and advocated for diplomacy to prevent further devastation and loss of life.

The Hungarian government has underscored its commitment to a peace mission, with Szijjártó emphasizing the futility of military solutions and the necessity of dialogue. At the NATO summit, Hungary’s stance is clear – prioritizing peace efforts over military intervention and emphasizing the need for sustainable resolutions to conflicts.

As Orbán’s diplomatic journey unfolds in Washington, his engagements with global leaders and commitment to peace initiatives underline Hungary’s proactive role in international affairs.



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