Hungary and US forge important ties in a key area

Hungary’s Minister of Agriculture, István Nagy, emphasized the importance of balancing competitiveness, food self-sufficiency, and sustainability in the agriculture sector during a meeting with Representative Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania, the Republican Leader of the US Congress’s Agricultural Committee in Washington, D.C. Nagy expressed that extreme weather posed a challenge for Hungary that cannot be addressed alone and that the country was relying on allies such as the United States to help combat the effects of climate change.

Nagy stressed the need for precision technology to “master the effects of climate change and to satisfy society’s expectations” and acknowledged that constant changes in climate made it impossible to farm the land the way ancestors did. He called for allies and friends to protect farmers, ensuring food supplies were not put at risk while also securing a livable environment for future generations.

Nagy went on to mention that Hungary’s agriculture sector is undergoing a fundamental change and that the United States played a crucial role in modernizing it in the past. He emphasized the need to make farming attractive to young people and highlighted that learning overseas technologies and building international networks could be key to the success of young professionals.

Nagy suggested that closer cooperation between Hungary’s parliament and the House Agriculture Committee could effectively raise awareness about the importance of agriculture and the sector’s changes. He also invited Thompson to visit Hungary.

In conclusion, Hungary’s agriculture sector faces challenges caused by climate change, and the country is seeking the help of allies such as the United States to combat them. Emphasis on precision technology, sustainability, and making farming attractive to young professionals could be key to the sector’s success in the country.


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