Ilmaz, suspect in fatal accident, detained and brought to court

A Fatal Traffic Accident in Northern Cyprus Leads to the Detention of a Suspect

A traffic accident on the Tatlısu-Girne main road in Northern Cyprus resulted in the death of a Chinese citizen and serious injuries to four others. The suspect, Timur Ilmaz, 33 years old, was brought to court as a result of the accident.

According to the assistant inspector in charge of the investigation, the suspect’s car lost control of the steering wheel, crossed into the opposite lane, and collided with a vehicle that was carrying three Chinese citizens. The impact caused the vehicle to catch fire, and the documents in the car were completely burned.

The assistant inspector confirmed that one Chinese citizen died in the accident while the driver of the vehicle is undergoing treatment in a surgical service, and the other passenger is being treated in the intensive care unit, with his condition being serious.

The police requested the suspect, Timur Ilmaz, be held in police custody for another day, and the court approved the request to keep him in detention for one more day. The investigation is ongoing.

BRT, the local news source, reported the story and provided some information, but they did not mention any possible causes of the accident. More information will likely become available as the investigation continues.


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