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Indonesia and Singapore united in condemnation of attack on ASEAN aid convoy

Indonesia and Singapore condemn attack on ASEAN Convoy in Myanmar

On October 12, the ASEAN convoy carrying humanitarian aid to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Myanmar was attacked in Shan state. The convoy included representatives from the ASEAN Humanitarian Coordination Center, as well as the Indonesian and Singaporean embassies.

According to reports, gunmen opened fire on the convoy, damaging a security vehicle, but no injuries were reported. The security team accompanying the convoy responded with fire.

In response to the attack, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that violence will not deter Indonesia from its efforts to bring peace to Myanmar. Widodo described the situation in Myanmar as “complicated” and emphasized that the attack “will not lessen the resolve of ASEAN and Indonesia to call for an end to violence.”

“Widodo said, ‘Stop the violence. It will not benefit anyone, it will only harm civilians. Let’s start a dialogue together,'” reported Benar News.

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also condemned the attack, confirming that two embassy employees were in the convoy and returned to Yangon unharmed. In a statement, the ministry stressed the importance of ensuring the safety of life in order to provide the necessary assistance to those in need.

“The only thing that can facilitate a peaceful solution in line with the interests of the Myanmar people is a constructive dialogue between all key stakeholders in Myanmar,” said the ministry.

The incident underscores the ongoing violence in Myanmar as the military continues its brutal crackdown on the pro-democracy movement. The ASEAN announced last month that it would be providing humanitarian aid to the IDPs in Myanmar, with the convoy being the first of such efforts.

It is hoped that the attack will not deter future humanitarian efforts in the country and that a peaceful solution can be found through dialogue between all parties involved.



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