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Infantry Specialist Sergeant Keleş detained in Erzurum incident.

Infantry Specialist Sergeant M. Akif Keleş has been detained by authorities on the grounds that he was involved in the events that took place in Erzurum on May 7th. Keleş was assigned to the Erzurum Central Command, and the reason behind his involvement in the events remains unknown at this time.

The Turkish Armed Forces have not released any further information about the circumstances surrounding Keleş’s detention or what specifically led them to believe that he was involved in the events. It is also unclear what exactly transpired on May 7th in Erzurum that led to Keleş’s detention.

However, the Turkish authorities have stated that they are taking the situation seriously, and they will conduct a thorough investigation into Keleş’s involvement in the events. The authorities have also emphasized that they will not tolerate any form of illegal or unlawful activity, and they will take stern action against anyone involved.

The latest development in Keleş’s detention has sparked concern among his colleagues and fellow soldiers, who have expressed their support for him. They have called for a fair and just investigation and have urged the authorities to be transparent in their handling of the matter.

As for Keleş, he remains in custody as the investigation continues. At this time, it is unclear what charges, if any, he will face. The authorities have stated that they will release more information as the investigation progresses, and we will continue to keep you updated on this developing story.



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