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Insanity Unleashed: Halting the Ambulance’s Journey

In a shocking incident that occurred yesterday around 3:00 pm on the Bostancı side road, a municipal patient transport ambulance was blocked by two individuals on a motorcycle. The traffic troublemakers got into a heated argument with the ambulance driver, who was urgently trying to transport a patient to the hospital with the siren blaring. They insisted on seeing the patient inside, stating, “We do not believe that there is a patient in this ambulance.”

The ambulance driver, unable to proceed due to the blockade, was forced to open the side door of the vehicle and reveal the patient to the two individuals on motorcycles. After seeing the patient, the suspects finally left the scene. It was reported that the two traffic offenders were not wearing helmets during the incident. The entire encounter was captured by the ambulance driver on his mobile phone.

Once the traffic troublemakers departed, the ambulance was able to continue its journey and safely deliver the patient to the hospital. This outrageous and unnecessary interruption highlights the challenges faced by emergency responders during critical situations and underscores the importance of cooperation and respect for emergency vehicles on the road.



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