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Insurance opportunity for disabled and elderly relatives announced.

AK Party Deputy Chairman Jülide Sarıeroğlu has spoken about their goals to continue building the “Century of Turkey” after the Presidential and 28th Term Parliamentary Elections, which are set to be held on 14 May. Sarıeroğlu highlighted the importance of social policies and a strong economy in creating strong societies, and noted the significant change and transformation that Turkey has undergone in these areas over the past 21 years.

One of the most important social policy topics in the new period will be the Family Protection Shield Program, which includes a retirement plan that housewives have been waiting for. Sarıeroğlu explained that a new option will be available for housewives to be insured by the state, taking into account the number of children and other factors.

The AK Party is also establishing a Family and Youth Bank to provide support for young couples starting a new path and encouraging new marriages. The bank will offer 150,000 Turkish Lira without payment for two years, in 48 monthly installments without interest. Additionally, the party will implement complementary income support to help families keep their living standards at a certain level.

Sarıeroğlu noted that the AK Party will also carry out new activities for the disabled and elderly, including a care insurance program and partial insurance for those who take care of disabled and elderly individuals in their homes.

Overall, the AK Party aims to strengthen the country and its citizens with policies that support all disadvantaged groups and create a model that specifically addresses the needs of each family.


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