Integration of SADAK, TOLUN, and LGK into SOLOTÜRK F-16

Turkish Air Force’s SOLOTÜRK, the first one-man demonstration team, recently participated in the ANATOLIAN EAGLE 2023 Exercise alongside other foreign and national participants. During the exercise, SOLOTÜRK’s F-16C Block 30 fighter aircraft was integrated with SADAK-4T Multi Carriage Saloon, TOLUN Miniature Bomb, and Laser Guidance Kit (LGK).

The SADAK-4T Multi Carriage Saloon and TOLUN Miniature Bomb were integrated under the left wing, while the LGK-82 Laser Guidance Kit was integrated under the right wing. The Laser Guidance Kit is currently being used by the Turkish Armed Forces and allied countries, while the SADAK-4T Multi Carriage Saloon and TOLUN Miniature Bomb are expected to take their place on the battlefield with their unique configurations.

The TOLUN IIR Guided Miniature Bomb, produced with national facilities, features a GPS/INS navigation system and man-in-the-loop capability, thanks to the IIR Seeker Head. Pilots will be able to direct the dropped bombs manually in the air moment by moment, using the bidirectional data link. The Miniature Bomb has a range of approximately 100 km and can penetrate 1 meter of reinforced concrete.

The ANATOLIAN EAGLE 2023 Exercise aims to enhance the coordination and interoperability of the participating forces. SOLOTÜRK’s participation in the exercise with its integrated fighter aircraft reflects Turkey’s commitment to developing its indigenous defense industry and strengthening its armed forces’ capabilities.


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