Investigation Initiated on Muharrem Ince’s Social Media Posts – Latest News from Turkey

The Chairman of Turkey’s Homeland Party, Muharrem İnce, is under investigation by the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor following his social media posts. İnce had shared a post on Twitter claiming that fake receipts and tapes had been used by FETÖ for a 45-day perception operation. He had also urged prosecutors to take action against the “vile terrorists” behind the operation.

However, the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor deemed İnce’s posts worthy of investigation, leading to the cancellation of rallies organized by the Homeland Party in Manisa and Izmir. The party cited İnce’s illness as the reason for the postponement in a statement, but it is clear that the investigation against him has also had an impact on their scheduled events.

İnce has fiercely denied the allegations against him and claimed that the evidence used by FETÖ is bogus. He believes that without real receipts or tapes, the operation is a dishonest attempt to sway public opinion. Meanwhile, the investigation into İnce’s social media posts is ongoing, and it remains to be seen what the outcome will be.

This news has caused a stir in Turkey’s political circles, with some supporting İnce’s claims, while others accuse him of spreading false information. However, there is no doubt that this investigation has cast a shadow over the Homeland Party and will have implications for their future plans and activities.



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