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Ismail Demir Promises More Positive Updates in the Future

Head of Defense Industry Professor Dr. İsmail Demir recently visited Elazig, Turkey to meet with industrialists, academicians, and young people. The visit was part of the “Defense Industry Elazığ Provincial Meeting” and aimed to discuss the progress made in the defense industry and aviation and develop plans for the next phase.

During the meeting, Demir highlighted the ambitious projects that have been launched in the past year, such as the Anatolian Ship, ZAHA Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle, and IMC Satellite, among others. He noted that Turkey has made significant progress in defense technology, and more good news can be expected in the coming year.

Demir emphasized that Turkey’s achievements in the defense industry are a sign of the country’s commitment to innovation and development. He stated, “What we have done is the guarantee and sign of what we will do. When we talked about the 5th generation warplanes, they were looked at with a bit of bitterness. I guess they are also amazed how they got to this stage. Turkey.”

The program ended with a question and answer session, and Demir also visited the Governorship of Elazig and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry during his visit.

This visit comes as Turkey continues to make significant investments in the defense industry and technology sector. Recently, Demir announced plans to create project plans in Malatya and employ earthquake victims in the defense industry. It is clear that Turkey is committed to strengthening its position in the global defense market and becoming a leader in innovation and technology.


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