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Israel destroys two tunnels containing bodies of prisoners in Gaza

The Israeli army recently announced the destruction of two tunnels in the Cibaliya region of Gaza, where the bodies of 7 Israeli prisoners were found. The tunnels, which were part of a single system, were exploded in May, according to a statement released on the Israeli army’s social media account.

Images of the moment of explosion were also shared along with the announcement, emphasizing that the tunnels were separate but interconnected. The bodies of the 7 soldiers who had been held captive in the Gaza Strip since October 7 were discovered on May 17, 18, and 24.

Currently, Israel claims that there are 121 Israeli prisoners being held by Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza. Hamas, however, announced that it had captured Israeli soldiers in an operation on May 26, without specifying the number. Israel has denied this claim.

Tensions remain high in the region as both sides continue to accuse each other of actions that further escalate the conflict in Gaza. The destruction of the tunnels is seen as a strategic move by the Israeli army to prevent future attacks and secure the safety of its soldiers.



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