Israeli airstrikes hit southern Gaza Strip

Israel and Gaza exchange airstrikes and rocket fire

Eyewitnesses have reported that Israeli warplanes bombed agricultural fields on the border of Rafah city, located in the south of the Gaza Strip. In response, Palestinian groups in Gaza fired rockets at Israel. According to Israeli Public Broadcasting Organization (KAN), nine rockets were fired towards Israel from Gaza, with four of them destroyed by air defense systems and the others falling into open areas. Israel’s army radio also reported that sirens sounded in the mountainous region of West Jerusalem.

The exchange of airstrikes and rocket fire comes after Israel launched an attack on Gaza on Tuesday, May 9 under blockade. The Israeli army claimed it targeted the leadership of the Islamic Jihad Movement in the attack. Reports indicate that among those killed were five members of the Islamic Jihad’s senior staff. In response to these attacks, Palestinian groups fired numerous rockets and mortar shells from Gaza towards Israel.

As a result of the recent attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chaired a security meeting on the Gaza-Israel border line. The situation remains tense, with a risk of further escalation between Israel and Palestine.


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