Israeli Army Attacks Gaza Despite Blockade

Explosions Heard in Southern Gaza Strip

Reports state that explosions were heard in the Khan Younis region in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army released a statement claiming that they targeted the rocket launch area where an attack was being prepared. This comes after an Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip which left 15 Palestinians killed and 22 injured, including three military personnel from the Islamic Jihad Movement. It has been declared that the region has been calm since the attack.

The situation in the region has been tense following the death of Palestinian prisoner Hidır Adnan, who died on May 2 after an 87-day hunger strike in protest of Israel’s “administrative detention” in prison without trial. The tension escalated further after rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, leading to retaliation by the Israeli army. A ceasefire was eventually agreed upon after 24 hours of heightened tensions.

The situation in the Gaza Strip remains precarious, and the death toll from the recent attacks is expected to rise. This latest round of violence has only further intensified the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine. The international community has called for an end to hostilities and a return to negotiations towards a peaceful solution. However, a resolution to the conflict seems unlikely in the near future.


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