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Israeli forces fatally shoot Palestinian during refugee camp raid

Israeli Soldiers Carry Out Raid in West Bank, Resulting in Death of Palestinian

On Monday morning, Israeli soldiers carried out a raid on the Nur Shams Refugee Camp in the city of Tulkarim in the West Bank. According to a statement released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Yusuf Mustafa Şihab, a 66-year-old Palestinian man, was seriously wounded in the stomach during the raid and died soon after.

The Israeli soldiers had entered the refugee camp on the pretext of searching for individuals who were allegedly seeking to evade arrest. However, a clash broke out between the Palestinian residents of Nur Shams and the Israeli forces, resulting in the use of live bullets and tear gas by the Israeli soldiers against the Palestinian civilians.

This latest act of violence is one of many in a long-standing conflict between Israeli forces and Palestinians in the West Bank. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, since the beginning of the year, 141 Palestinian individuals have been killed by Israeli soldiers.

The use of excessive force against Palestinian civilians, especially in refugee camps, has drawn criticism from human rights organizations and leaders around the world. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has caused numerous casualties on both sides and the search for a peaceful resolution continues.


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