“Israel’s Attack on Gaza Claims 20 Lives”

Israel attacks Gaza Strip, leaving 21 dead and 64 injured

On Tuesday, Israel launched a series of attacks on the Gaza Strip, leading to the death of 21 Palestinians, including women and children, and injuring 64 others. Among those killed were three members of the Islamic Jihad Movement. In response, rockets were fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli army, since the start of the attack, 270 rockets were fired from Gaza, with 62 of them being neutralized by Israel’s air defense systems. Approximately 205 rockets crossed the Gaza Strip, while another 65 fell back into the area. Attack sirens were heard in cities such as Usdud (Ashdod), Askalan (Ashkelon), Tel Aviv, and central regions of Israel.

The Israeli-made air defense system David Sling was used for the first time in this conflict, as it was successful in neutralizing a rocket fired in the direction of Tel Aviv.

The situation in the region remains tense, with no signs of immediate ceasefire. International leaders and human rights organizations have called for an end to the violence and a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


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