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Jeweler Accused of Robbing His Own Store

Renowned jeweler Michel Elias Germani, owner of Germani Jewellery, has been arrested by the police on charges of allegedly committing an armed robbery at his own store. Germani’s jewellery has been worn by high-profile clients such as Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Saudi royal family.

The incident reportedly took place in January when two men posed as customers at Germani’s store in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building. According to the police, one of the men threatened the staff with a knife, while the other attempted to break into the jeweler’s safe. Germani and an employee claimed to have been threatened during the incident.

The police had arrested two suspects, Shanel Tofaeono and Mounir Helou, last month for the alleged robbery of a jewelry store; however, Germani’s arrest came after he claimed the robbery was a scam.

Germani appeared in court on Tuesday and alleged police involvement in “planning and coordinating the robbery and attempting to defraud an insurance company.” He has been charged with multiple offenses, including aggravated robbery, depriving a person of their liberty, and contributing to criminal activities. Germani did not apply for bail and has been ordered to appear again in court on Thursday for bail review.

This incident came as a shock to the industry as Germani is a well-known jeweler with a high-profile clientele. The case is still under investigation as the police collect evidence to determine the truth behind the allegations.


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