Join the Movement: Say No to Tobacco for a Tobacco-Free World

The Turkish Cypriot Medical Association (KTTB) is urging people to “Stop using all tobacco products for a tobacco-free world” in honor of Quit Smoking Day on February 9.

In a written statement, KTTB Secretary General Prof. Dr. Ceyhun Dalkan highlighted the negative impact of tobacco and tobacco products on both users and those around them. Toxic residues formed during smoking are causing the deaths of millions of people each year, and affecting the years of healthy and quality life for others.

According to a study conducted by the Universal Patient Rights Association, the use of cigarettes and tobacco products in Northern Cyprus is high, with 35.4% of the population being users. However, Dalkan stressed that 62.9% of these users want to quit, making it crucial to provide support and resources for smoking cessation.

Dalkan called for the full implementation of the Law on the Protection and Control of Harmful Products from Tobacco Products, emphasizing the need for immediate opening of smoking cessation polyclinics accessible in hospitals. He also raised concerns about the marketing of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products, stating that they aim to make new generations addicted, particularly targeting young people.

On the occasion of Quit Smoking Day, Dalkan urged individuals to take a step towards a healthier and better quality life by removing cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco, and all other tobacco products from their lives. He emphasized that a life free from addiction is possible and encouraged everyone to work together to protect youth and new generations from the dangers of tobacco and e-cigarettes.


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