Kayla Güneşel Introduces Readers to ‘Little Duck’ at BRTK

Kayla Güneşel to Launch Multilingual Book “Little Duck” at Rüstem Bookstore

A new and exciting book is set to be introduced to the public this Saturday at Rüstem Bookstore in Nicosia. Written by 10-year-old Kayla Güneşel, “Little Duck” is a unique story that is written in Turkish, English, and French, all in one book.

Kayla, who not only wrote the story but also illustrated it herself, has created a captivating tale that appeals to both children and adults. Her ability to fluently speak three languages and express herself through writing shines through in the pages of “Little Duck”.

The story, as described by Kayla and her family, revolves around themes of overcoming jealousy, promoting peace in the world, and highlighting the consequences of wrongdoing. For Kayla, the book represents a dream come true and a platform for spreading positive messages to readers of all ages.

The official launch of “Little Duck” will take place on Saturday, May 18, at Rüstem Bookstore at 11:00. This event is a great opportunity for book lovers and supporters of young talent to come together and celebrate Kayla’s achievement.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this special book launch and experience the magic of “Little Duck” firsthand.


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