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“Kayserispor’s Optimism Soars for the Future”

Kayserispor Club’s manager, Samet Koç, has evaluated the team’s performance in the Super League, the impact of coach Çağdaş Atan, and their plans for the future. He emphasises that success does not depend on high-cost staffing and that Kayserispor’s current system rewards effective teamwork. The club’s management will lift the transfer ban at the beginning of June and plan to establish an ambitious team for the next season, aiming to create a team that will make a name for itself in the Turkish Cup and Super League. Koç also discussed Onur Bulut’s transfer to Beşiktaş and his disagreement with the TFF Dispute Resolution Board’s decision, which he plans to challenge in the Arbitration Board. Finally, he expressed his support for the TFF’s 5-year plan in the foreign player rule and emphasised the importance of community support for the club.


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