Kazakh Comic Writers Set to Wow at Comic Con Astana 2024

The upcoming Comic Con Astana 2024 will feature a showcase of over 100 Kazakh authors of graphic novels at the Authors’ Alley from July 25 to 28. Among the talented artists presenting their works is Alibek Kozhageldiyev, who will be premiering his famous graphic novel “We Are Not Superheroes” for the first time in Kazakh. This story follows two fifth-graders who unexpectedly gain superpowers.

Kozhageldiyev will also introduce his new graphic novel, “The Other Makta Kyz,” a modern take on the Kazakh folk tale “Makta Kyz ben Mysyk.” The book features a semi-mythical setting with magic and folk customs, telling the exciting journey of Yerke and her brother Kahar to break an ancient spell.

Another standout artist at the event is Rinat Akhmediyar, also known as Eri Kunsai, who will present “Besqonaq,” a graphic novel about slave Kaisar in the Kipchak Khanate who embarks on a mystical journey after a tragic event. Akhmediyar will also showcase “Child of the Ocean,” a captivating tale about a child born in sea waves.

Galym Baituk will showcase his graphic novel “Shoqan,” a story about Shokan Ualikhanov that aims to create a new Central Asian hero for the global graphic novel and cinema industry. The novel will be adapted into a cartoon later this year.

Other notable artists presenting at Comic Con Astana include Magira Tleuberdina, Iskander Zhandaulet, and the AT Production dubbing studio team. Additionally, the event will feature the release of a graphic novel by Akiba Kazakhstan anime clothes brand, exploring themes of reality, fantasy, and personal growth.

Headlining the event will be Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, known for his role in “Hannibal.” With such a diverse and talented lineup of artists and creators, Comic Con Astana 2024 promises to be a must-attend event for fans of graphic novels and pop culture.



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