Kazakh Delegation to Commemorate Sultan Baybars’ 800th Anniversary in Egypt

Kazakh Delegation from Atyrau Region to Visit Egypt for Culture Days

A Kazakh delegation from the Atyrau Region will visit Egypt as part of the Culture Days of Kazakhstan dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Sultan Baybars, announced Minister of Culture and Sports Askhat Oralov during a visit to the region. The delegation will include representatives of the culture sector and world sports champions from Atyrau.

Sultan Baybars was born on the territory of the modern Atyrau Region and was the fourth Mamluk Sultan of Egypt and Syria. He was an outstanding commander of the Middle East who had the nickname Abu al-Futuh, which means the Father of Victories. He achieved the most significant success in repelling the attacks of the Iranian Ilkhanate and the Crusaders of the West. Baybars engaged in diplomacy and military action, allowing the Mamluks of Egypt to expand their empire significantly.

Developing strong military, trade, religious, and cultural ties with the Mongols of the Golden Horde, Baybars encouraged them to travel to Egypt. Their arrival resulted in many Mongols converting to Islam.

The visit by the Kazakh delegation will help strengthen cultural ties between Kazakhstan and Egypt. It will also provide an opportunity for the delegation members to learn about Egyptian history and culture. The visit is expected to be an exciting and informative experience for all involved.


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