Kazakh Embassy Hosts Open House in Washington to Showcase Culture and Traditions.

Kazakhstan’s embassy in Washington D.C. hosted an open house on May 6 as part of the Annual Passport DC event, aimed at promoting cultural diversity and understanding. The event welcomed over 500 visitors within the first two hours, who showed great interest in Kazakh history, culture and customs. Guests enjoyed national dances, songs, and musical performances on the dombra, a national instrument, as well as national dishes and a fashion show of traditional Kazakh dresses. The embassy also organized pavilions featuring a yurt, national jewelry, dishes, and literature, where Kazakh diplomats explained their history and meaning. Passport DC aims to highlight Washington DC’s international diplomatic community and culture by encouraging people to learn about other cultures and traditions. This year, more than 60 international embassies hosted open houses as part of the event.


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