Kazakhstan and Turkey’s Relations Are Exemplary, Says Foreign Minister.

Kazakhstan and Turkey Discuss Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation

Kazakhstan’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Yerzhan Nurtileu, recently received Mustafa Kapucu, Turkey’s Ambassador to Astana, to discuss bilateral cooperation and future perspectives. The meeting touched on issues related to the international and regional agenda.

At the meeting, Nurtileu emphasized that Kazakhstan and Turkey’s relations are exemplary and that they need to build on commercial and economic cooperation to implement joint investment projects. In response, Ambassador Kapucu expressed his appreciation for the positive development dynamic in bilateral cooperation and readiness to contribute to the strengthening of strategic relations between Kazakhstan and Turkey.

The two countries also discussed their desire to continue close cooperation within the framework of the Organization of Turkish States. This meeting has laid the groundwork for further joint activities and collaborations in the future.

Kazakhstan and Turkey have maintained strong diplomatic ties over the years, and this meeting further highlights their commitment to strengthening their relationship further. This is good news for both countries as they look to bolster their economic and political prospects in the coming years.



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