Kazakhstan Emphasizes UN’s Importance Ahead of SCO Summit

Kazakhstan’s First Deputy Foreign Minister Akan Rakhmetullin recently visited the UN Plaza in Almaty, where he highlighted the crucial role of the United Nations in addressing urgent global challenges. During his visit, Rakhmetullin met with UN Resident Coordinator for Kazakhstan Michaela Friberg-Storey and heads of UN representative offices accredited in Kazakhstan.

Rakhmetullin emphasized the strong 32-year cooperation between Kazakhstan and the UN, noting President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s focus on sustainable development and the alignment of the country’s strategies and programs with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.

The visit precedes UN Secretary-General António Guterres’s upcoming trip to Kazakhstan for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit on July 3-4 in Astana. Rakhmetullin also highlighted key achievements, including Kazakhstan’s initiative to establish the UN Regional Center for Sustainable Development for Central Asia and Afghanistan in Almaty, which aims to enhance regional peace and security.

During the meeting, UN representatives discussed ongoing activities and priorities, expressing their readiness to assist Kazakhstan in achieving sustainable development at both the regional and country levels. Projects aimed at empowering children and supporting socially vulnerable populations, including those with special needs, were also outlined by UN agencies present at the meeting.

Overall, the interaction between Kazakhstan and the UN continues to strengthen, with a focus on promoting sustainable development and addressing global challenges in the region.



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