Kazakhstan Hosting Sixth Summer Paralympic Games This Month

Kazakhstan is set to host the sixth Summer Paralympic Games from May 11 to May 30. The games will take place across three cities in the country – Almaty, Astana, and Aktobe. Over a thousand athletes from 20 regions in Kazakhstan will participate in ten sports during the event. The sports training center for individuals with disabilities announced the news on May 9.

Last year, Kazakh para-athletes secured a total of 187 medals while competing at international competitions, with the country’s representatives finishing in first place 62 times, second place 63 times, and third place 62 times.

The Kazakhstan-hosted Summer Paralympics is expected to showcase the country’s sporting prowess and attract a global audience. As the event approaches, preparations are in full swing to ensure the venues, participants, and guests are fully accommodated for and safe during the games.

This tournament will demonstrate that Para-athletes can perform at the same level as abled-body athletes, inspiring individuals worldwide to participate in sporting activities regardless of their physical abilities. It also highlights Kazakhstan’s commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities and promoting their inclusion in society.


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