“Kenya’s “Hunger Cult” Investigation Unearths 201 Bodies”

Kenya’s Cult Leader Accused of Terrorism as Death Toll Rises to 201

Authorities in Kenya continue to investigate a suspected terrorist cult leader and his followers after new bodies were discovered, bringing the death toll in the case to 201. Coastal District Commissioner Rhoda Onyancha announced that 26 people had been detained in connection with the case. Officials estimate that 610 people remain missing in the town of Malindi, where the sect was based.

Concerns were also raised about organ trafficking after reports in the Kenyan press alleged that the organs of some of the deceased had been removed. In addition, it was revealed that some children found among the victims had died of suffocation.

The leader of the cult, Paul Mackenzie, had warned police that up to 1,000 people may have died under his guidance. Mackenzie was the pastor of the Good News International Church, and had promised his followers that they would meet Jesus Christ.

Following Mackenzie’s arrest, another pastor from the New Life Prayer Center and Church, Ezekiel Odero, was detained on suspicion of involvement in other crimes. An investigation commission has been established to look into the activities of the “hunger cult.”

A shocking case that continues to reveal new details, the impact of this cult’s activities will be felt in Kenya for years to come.


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