Köse Dismissed as Private Secretary of Ministry of Labor and Social Security

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced today that the Director of the Ministry’s Private Secretary, Oğuz Köse, has been dismissed from duty. This decision, which was also published in the Official Gazette, comes after an investigation by the General Directorate of Police.

In a statement released by the ministry, it was revealed that Oğuz Köse, who is currently under arrest, has been removed from his position as of today. The ministry emphasized that it will not make any statements during the ongoing investigation to avoid any perception of interference in the judicial process and to ensure the smooth completion of the investigation.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security affirmed its commitment to justice by stating, “With our respect for the judiciary and our belief in the rule of law, our Ministry will fully cooperate with both the police and the court to ensure that justice is served during both the investigative and judicial proceedings.”

The ministry expressed its dedication to working with the authorities to uphold the principles of justice and transparency. As the investigation progresses, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security will continue to support the legal process and uphold the values of accountability and integrity.



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