Kuwait Fund to Grant Kyrgyzstan $10 Million for Water Project

Kuwait Fund Offers to Sponsor Water Supply Projects in Kyrgyzstan

The Kuwait Fund for Economic Development has expressed its willingness to sponsor water supply projects in Kyrgyzstan. This was confirmed by the press service of the Ministry of Finance, following a meeting between the First Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Adylbek Kasymaliev, Minister of Finance, Almaz Baketaev, and the Director of the Operations Department of the Kuwait Fund for Economic Development, Abdulla Al-Musaibih.

The meeting took place during the annual gathering of the Board of Governors of the Islamic Development Bank. Kasymaliev proposed to consider implementing projects that would improve the social level of the Kyrgyzstan population, specifically in the development of the water supply and sanitation system.

The Kuwaiti side notified Kyrgyzstan about the possibility of approving grant and technical assistance of $1 million for the development of a feasibility study for infrastructure projects. This assistance would provide maximum support for sustainable implementation of joint projects with the Kuwait Fund.

Both parties have acknowledged the need to step up joint efforts to achieve effective cooperation. Kyrgyzstan will benefit from the development of infrastructure projects and the Kuwait Fund will strengthen its relationship with the country.


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