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U.S. President Biden Vows Support for Ukraine at NATO Summit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. President Joe Biden made a strong statement at the NATO summit, declaring that Russia’s goal is to “wipe Ukraine off the map,” but affirming that with the support of Western allies, Ukraine will not be defeated. Biden announced that the United States and its partners will provide Ukraine with additional weapons, including more air-defense systems.

“Ukraine can and will stop Putin, especially with our full collective support. They have our full support,” Biden stated on the first day of the summit. He revealed that Western nations will donate additional Patriot missile systems and interceptors to aid Ukraine in defending itself.

“The war will end with Ukraine remaining a free and independent country. Russia will not prevail,” Biden emphasized.

In a parallel statement, the White House disclosed that the United States, Germany, and Romania will contribute Patriot batteries, while the Netherlands and other partners will supply Patriot components to enable the operation of an extra Patriot battery. Italy is set to donate an additional SAMP-T system.

The State Department indicated that more security aid announcements for Ukraine will be made during the summit.

Biden’s speech was closely monitored not only for his comments on NATO’s backing for Ukraine but also for his overall performance following recent criticism of his debates. The summit, which marks NATO’s 75th anniversary, is overshadowed by concerns about Biden’s leadership, but his speech did not exhibit any missteps and was well-received.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg echoed Biden’s sentiments, warning that a Russian victory in Ukraine would embolden other aggressive nations like Iran, China, and North Korea and have long-lasting implications for global security.

“There are no risk-free options with an aggressive Russia as a neighbor… The outcome of this war will shape global security for decades to come,” Stoltenberg emphasized.

NATO leaders convened to discuss strengthening defense capabilities and supporting Ukraine amidst Russia’s ongoing attacks. The recent intense bombings in Ukraine underscore the urgency of aid and support for the war-torn nation.

President Zelenskiy of Ukraine, who is advocating for additional security guarantees, including air defense and military equipment, will press for NATO commitments during the summit. The alliance is expected to unveil a plan for Ukraine’s eventual membership and announce increased military aid.

While NATO members have different viewpoints on Ukraine’s accession to the alliance, the commitment to support Ukraine remains strong. The upcoming meetings between Biden, Zelenskiy, and other world leaders signal a united front in standing against Russian aggression and supporting Ukraine’s defense.

As NATO nations reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine’s security, the summit is poised to address challenges posed by Russia’s aggression and ensure the alliance’s preparedness in the face of evolving global threats.



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