Kyrgyzstan’s Labour Ministry discusses collaboration with Yandex technology company

Kyrgyzstan’s Minister of Labour, Social Security, and Migration, Kudaibergen Bazarbaev, recently held talks with representatives from Yandex, including the Director of the Strategic Projects Department, Pyotr Didenko, and the Head of the Staff Recruitment Department, Natalia Moskvitina. The meeting focused on the legal employment of Kyrgyzstanis in Russia, as well as future cooperation between the ministry and the technology company.

During the meeting, Bazarbaev expressed Kyrgyzstan’s commitment to the EAEU’s (Eurasian Economic Union) documents on developing a single labor market and organized recruitment. He also spoke about the Ministry’s interactive web portal, called “Employment,” which is integrated with the automated information search system, “Work without Borders,” allowing for legal employment searches in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. The Ministry works directly with large employers to ensure Kyrgyzstanis are legally employed.

Yandex, one of Russia’s leading tech companies, acknowledges the reliability and high proportion of skilled Kyrgyzstani drivers working in the Russian Federation’s taxi industry. Yandex.Taxi, in particular, employs a significant number of Kyrgyz migrants, making the expansion and strengthening of cooperation between the two parties crucial.

The cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Yandex is expected to contribute to improving the employment opportunities and working conditions for Kyrgyzstanis in Russia. Furthermore, it is anticipated that it will reinforce economic ties between the two countries.


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