Last Minute Turkey News: MIT Introduces Point Operations in Gara

Turkey’s intelligence agency, MIT, recently obtained information about Müslüm Ürper’s plans to meet the logistics needs of members of the special forces who are plotting against the security forces. Urper, known as Soro Guyi, was neutralized by MIT’s point operation as he was transporting weapons to be used in actions against the security forces.

Müslüm Ürper is a former member of the youth structure of an organization and participated in street protests in Turkey. He joined the PKK/KCK rural staff in 2013, where he received ideological and armed training in Syria in 2014. By 2015, he was in northern Iraq acting as the courier manager for the organization’s Special Forces.

According to security sources, Urper’s neutralization will cause organization managers to have trouble finding reliable couriers, and their transfer will be disrupted. Turkey’s ongoing fight against terrorism continues to be a top priority for the government and its intelligence agencies. The country has faced numerous threats over the years, including those posed by domestic terrorist organizations.

MIT’s success in neutralizing Müslüm Ürper displays the effectiveness of intelligence operations in combatting terrorism.


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