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“Last-minute Withdrawal: Muharrem İnce Drops Out of Election amidst Alleged U.S. Interference”

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu spoke on CNN Türk’s live broadcast regarding the current political situation in Turkey. Soylu highlighted the importance of discussing the issues surrounding the electoral race. He also voiced concern about the use of threats and blackmail tactics in politics, which he said was the old way of Turkey. Soylu went on to state that an operation was underway against the reputation of certain candidates, which he attributed to the US and FETO’s interference in the election.

Soylu also commented on the recent withdrawal of Muharrem Ince from the presidential candidacy, stating that his party’s votes were unlikely to go to other candidates. He further assured that the government is taking measures to ensure cybersecurity for all candidates in the current election.

Soylu stated that the USA is not seriously interested in supporting Erdogan’s candidacy, but rather that of Kilicdaroglu. He also accused the CHP of sharing similar policies with the LGBT community, a stance that the Minister sees as undesirable for Turkey. Soylu added that terrorist groups are active within Turkey, and the government is monitoring the situation.

The Minister rounded up his speech by predicting a 4.5 to 5 point lead over his political opponents and that Turkey is set to hold a peaceful election.


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