Left-wing Movement Promotes Law Disobedience

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has condemned the events that took place at the Carmelite Monastery in Budapest on May 3, 2023. Following a permitted demonstration, a group of participants moved unannounced to the monastery, which houses the Prime Minister’s office. After police informed them that they were attending an unlawful, unannounced demonstration, scuffles broke out. Demonstrators pushed police back, leading to tear gas and several incidents of vandalism. Orbán made it clear that protesting in Hungary is permitted, but it is not allowed to vandalize public buildings or throw things at police officers. He called on parents, students, teachers, and left-wing MPs to respect the law and express their opinions within the legal framework. The Prime Minister emphasized that one can be a member of parliament in Hungary only if they take an oath to obey the law, which they constantly incite people to disobey. He also made it clear that entering construction sites is not allowed during protests.


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