Live Stream of President Erdogan’s Istanbul Rally on May 12 at Sultangazi and Bahçelievler!

President Erdogan Holds Campaign Rallies in Istanbul

As part of his election campaign for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections on May 14th, President Erdogan has been continuing to meet with voters in various cities. Today, he will hold rallies in two different districts of Istanbul.

The first rally will take place at 3:00 pm in Sultangazi in front of the Sultançiftliği Central Mosque. The second rally will be held in Bahçelievler at 5:00 pm in front of the Şirinevler Grand Mosque. These events allow President Erdogan to connect with Turkish citizens and articulate his plan for Turkey’s future.

Yesterday, the President made important statements at three different locations in Ankara. Today, those interested can follow his speaking engagements in Istanbul on CNN TÜRK’s live broadcast.

As the campaign continues, voters are eagerly anticipating the May 14th election date and the opportunity to make their voices heard at the ballot box.


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