Locked Rooms Used for Overseas Voting

Over a million used votes from abroad have been safely delivered to the capital city of Ankara, Turkey. These votes will be kept at the ATO Convention Center, secured by 5 locks with each key being held by representatives of major political parties including AK Party, MHP, CHP and IYI Party. This security measure ensures that only authorized personnel would be able to open the votes.

All five representatives gathered together to open the door, and sorting of votes by country has already commenced. The convention center is being guarded around the clock, both at the entrance and inside to prevent any untoward incidents.

A total of 3,416,098 voters registered in the foreign electoral roll from 73 countries had access to vote in the 2023 Presidential elections. The voting season ended on May 9th, and the votes brought from abroad would be opened simultaneously with other ballot boxes on May 14th at 5 pm.

The Turkish government endeavors to ensure an unbiased and transparent election process, and the security measures taken justify this. The security personnel and measures taken will prevent any potential tampering or interference with the voting process, which is essential for the fair outcome of the election.



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