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Mahmut Arslan retains position as HAK-İŞ Chairman in re-election

HAK-İŞ Confederation Holds 15th Ordinary General Assembly in Ankara

The HAK-İŞ Confederation, which represents the rights and interests of workers in Turkey, held its 15th Ordinary General Assembly in Ankara on May 11th and 12th. The two-day event resulted in the re-election of Mahmut Arslan as the chairman.

In addition, several vice presidents were elected, including Öz Çelik-İş Union Chairman Yunus Değirmenci, Öz Sağlık-İş Union Chairman Devlet Sert, Öz Gıda-İş Union Chairman Halil Çukutli, and Öz Taşıma-İş Union Chairman Mehmet Ali Kayabaşı.

After the election, Arslan made a statement emphasizing the importance of the HAK-İŞ Confederation for all victims and oppressed individuals. He also expressed his confidence in building a stronger and more effective organization during this new period.

The 15th Ordinary General Assembly was successful and in line with the HAK-İŞ reputation and courage. The Confederation will continue to work towards the rights and interests of workers in Turkey.


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