Malaysian Senator Visits Kazakhstan for Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue Boost

Malaysian Parliamentary Delegation Visits Kazakhstan to Strengthen Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue

ASTANA – Nur Jazlan Mohamed, deputy president of the Senate of the Malaysian Parliament, recently visited Kazakhstan to enhance inter-parliamentary relations with the Central Asian nation. This visit comes just a month after Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim made his inaugural visit to Kazakhstan.

During his visit, Nur Jazlan Mohamed met with Maulen Ashimbayev, chairman of the Senate, and Yerlan Koshanov, chairman of the Mazhilis, to discuss cooperation in various areas including economy, trade, investment, student exchanges, and tourism. He emphasized the importance of formalizing the Friendship Group on the Senate side to facilitate regular communication between the two parliaments.

Highlighting the potential for cooperation, Nur Jazlan Mohamed mentioned the tourism sector as a promising area for collaboration, especially with the recent launch of direct flights from Almaty to Kuala Lumpur. He also expressed interest in expanding technical and technology-related businesses between Malaysia and Kazakhstan, noting Malaysia’s expertise in cloud computing and data centers.

In the realm of education, Nur Jazlan Mohamed proposed increasing scholarships for Kazakh students to study in Malaysia and establishing private education institutions in Kazakhstan. He also underscored the importance of vocational training as a means to enhance skills development among the youth population.

Additionally, Nur Jazlan Mohamed highlighted the opportunity for collaboration in disaster management and de-radicalization programs, citing Malaysia’s experience in handling natural disasters and combating extremist ideologies.

Overall, Nur Jazlan Mohamed emphasized the strategic importance of Central Asia as a growing region and expressed Malaysia’s keen interest in being part of the region’s development. The visit aimed to further strengthen the ties between Malaysia and Kazakhstan and pave the way for enhanced cooperation in various significant sectors.



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