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Man breaks down after seeing 40 years of work: ‘No memories, no friends’

Hatay Struggles to Recover from Earthquakes that Destroyed Thousands of Buildings

On February 6th, Kahramanmaraş was hit by powerful earthquakes that wreaked havoc on many cities, with Hatay being the most affected. Thousands of buildings in Antakya, Defne, Kırıkhan, and Samandağ districts were either destroyed or severely damaged. The disaster left many people homeless, and they are still struggling to recover from the aftermath.

Gönültaş, a 60-year-old resident, shared her heartbreaking story. She had rented out her flat, which she bought after saving for 40 years, to a newly married Syrian couple. Sadly, they were in the apartment when the earthquake struck and lost their lives. Gönültaş was devastated and felt like she had lost all her memories and even her friends.

When Gönültaş returned to her neighborhood months later, she found only debris from the apartment building that had been cleared away, leaving behind only fragments of wall from her former home. The area was once very beautiful and crowded with children and people, but now it is empty and desolate.

The residents of Hatay are struggling to rebuild their lives after the devastating earthquakes. The government has promised to provide aid and compensation, but many people are still waiting for the support that they desperately need. The road to recovery will be long and arduous, but the community is determined to overcome this tragedy and rebuild a better future for themselves and their families.


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